We designed this platform to enable us do commoditiy trading on an entirely new level.


We connect the very best of Nigeria Agricultural produce, and solid minerals with genuine local and international buyers.


Just know that we will serve you on a customize basis; we will serve you efficiently and make you SMILE.

Agro Mines build and maintain an excellent relationship with farmers (both large and small), across the country.

We purchase DIRECTLY from the farmers for our clients. Agro Mines fills the growing demand for market consumption, raw materials for industries, processed and semi processed agriculture products and export for the international markets. Our effort cut across the value chain of the agriculture industry in Nigeria.

We will handle large and bulk supply, and export contracts of any kind. We deal with the farmers, agropreneur, industries using agriculture produce as raw materials, food production and food processing companies, agriculture financing organizations and government regulatory bodies. We deliver only the best service possible.

We warehouse or can source for the following produce and more:

Agriculture Supply

Our partnerships with growers, suppliers and freighters allow AgroMines access to a global customer network.

Solid Minerals & Precious Stones

We facilitate the supply of a broad range of solid mineral resources around the world.


We render assistance and consultancy in sourcing, logistic planning up to final destination all over the world...

Farm Financing

Getting access to adequate finance for Nigeria farmers is very challenging, we have setup a scheme that...

We provide outstanding services for all clients, partners and investors.